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Kraft Paper Plain Bags fit for purpose


Whether it is about buying a grocery or presenting a gift in a nice wrapping, you will find stylish Kraft paper bags handy for every occasion. With the revised trends in shopping and gifting bags the era of plastic and synthetic bags is long gone. People are now becoming more vigilant towards the harmful effects of these plastic bags on our environment. This is the reason that as an alternative, cotton, jute and kraft paper bags are used popularly by people now.

If you are also an environment enthusiastic and looking for some amazing collection in plain paper bags then you can browse They have innumerable options in kraft paper plain bags designed as per latest trends as well as available in great colour range.

The best part about is that they offer complete bespoke solutions as well to their customers. This can benefit you from designing fabulous paper bags as your promotional giveaways with your logo printed on it. All you need is to discuss your requirement with them and they will assist you efficiently from designing to other basic customization without spending a fortune.

Start by ordering bespoke kraft paper bags If you have decided to promote your business with kraft paper bags then you need to search for a bag manufacturer who will provide bespoke solution, and today they are not hard to find. Before getting started decide your budget like how much you can spend on these promotional giveaways.

Typically bespoke cotton bags can cost you 4 pound per bag or 30 pounds per bag depending on the colour scheme, styling, fabric, and quantity of the bags. However, if you consider kraft paper plain bags then it is going to be cheaper as well as help you to promote your business in a trendy manner.

Choice of paper

There are numerous different varieties in kraft paper plain bags to select from. Fine quality means high price therefore you need to be very selective in terms of bespoke paper bags as well.


The colour scheme and quality of the print is another contributing price factor in your promotional kraft paper bags. More colours and motifs you will add on your bespoke bags more you will be charged by the vendor. Therefore, do not get allured by latest styles in paper bags but also pay attention to the choice of suppliers for better deals. 

Style in Kraft paper bags

There are several different styles in kraft paper plain bags let’s take a look to popular styles:

  • Twisted paper handle
  • Flat tape paper handle

Then there is a differentiation on the basis of their size like following:

  • Extra Large Twisted Paper Handle Bags 40 x 45 x 16 cm
  • Large Kraft Twisted Handle Paper Bags-32x42x14cm
  • Medium Kraft Flat Tape Paper Bags-22x36x10.5cm
  • Small Kraft Twisted Handle Paper Bags-19x21x8cm

You can choose any of the above mentioned style in your Kraft paper bags. However, it is advisable to maintain a good balance between quality and affordability because there is no price limit when it comes to business promotion through quality paper gift bags.

Today you will find hundreds of different vendors offering bespoke paper bags and it will not be easy for you to select the best among all. Therefore, what I would suggest is that you start by getting their price quote then judge their paper and printing quality as per their given price quote.

Narrow down at least 3-4 vendors and select the best among all as per your requirement and budget. For my business using promotional paper bags was quite a successful idea as it is one on-going advertising trend.

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