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Paper Carrier Bags

Paper carrier bags are increasing in popularity, especially because they are more environmentally friendly than many of their alternatives. Good quality paper carrier bags have a multitude of benefits, including being durable and sturdy. At Shopping Bags Direct, we have an array of paper carrier bags available for all different purposes, so you can find one to suit your specific requirements.

View Our Range Of Plain Paper Bags

Here at Shopping Bags Direct, we provide the option for our plain paper bags to be personalised and customised to whatever the customer requires. Our range of plain paper bags covers a wide variety of shapes, designs and styles, but if you cannot find the style of paper carrier bag that you are looking for, then get in touch and we will find you the perfect paper bag for you.

Our custom plain paper bags come in an array of sizes too, including extra small and large, so you aren’t limited to a specific size of bag. All these bags are available at very affordable prices, which is ideal for businesses looking to buy paper bags in bulk, as it will save a lot of money.

Each of our plain paper bags can be personalised in order to suit the job they’re required for. For example, our patisserie/takeaway bags are designed with a grease proof paper quality in order to cope with the type of food they are likely to carry in them. What’s more, their base is extra-large, which enables them to hold food containers flat, so they are less likely to spill everywhere. We can even customise plain paper bags to make them perfect as carrier bags in shops, due to their long-lasting properties. Your logo can even be added on to help with brand awareness as they are carried around!

The Benefits of Paper Bags

If you opt for paper bags opposed to plastic bags, you will be helping the environment and planet. By showcasing the logo of your brand on the side of paper bags it creates a positive message, as users can see that you are an eco-friendly business, which is incredibly important.

Our range of paper carrier bags are ideal for any occasion, making them a versatile bag. You can either opt for patisserie/takeaway bags, kraft paper bags with flat tape handles, or even with twisted paper handles; all of which can be used for promotional advertising as we can customise the bags with specific logos. All our paper bags, whether they’re takeaway bags or kraft paper bags are reusable and recyclable, so if you print your logo on one of these paper carrier bags, they can continue to increase brand awareness for a longer period of time than a plastic bag, making the brand memorable.

Buy Paper Carrier Bags Online

We have made it as easy as possible for you to buy your paper carrier bags online, regardless of whether they are takeaway bags or kraft paper bags. All you need to do is choose the bag you want by selecting it on our website, place your order, and we will ship your carrier bags to you without delay from our modern distribution centres in the UK. We understand that customers may prefer to receive a paper copy of our catalogue, so we’re more than happy to provide one upon request and post it to you directly. Alternatively, please phone us to discuss your order and we can answer any questions that you may have regarding our products or services.

If you would like more information about our full paper bag range, please visit our paper bags page, today.

Kraft Paper Plain Bags

Our great range of kraft paper bags with twisted handles are one of the best and cheapest options for UK retail stores. This paper counter bags are available in three sizes with twelve different plain colours, and they’re also eco-friendly, re-useable and recyclable. We can print your logo on these bags with ease, get in touch and we can make the arrangements for you. These bags are machine-made and can be used as promotional merchandising, due to their durability and having the option to customise them.

Kraft Paper Plain Bags with Flat Tape Handle

Kraft paper bags with flat tape handles are perfect for gift giving and for sponsored events. The bags enable companies to add merchandise into the bags, so guests can remember the brand in the future. The flat tape handles make the bags easy to carry, and the material can be easily folded down, so they can be stored in small spaces.

Kraft Paper Gift Bags With Paper Handles

Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Twisted Paper Handle

Kraft paper gift bags with paper handles are small and compact, but sturdy and durable. The easy to fold material, means that they can be stored on top of each other and not take up too much space. The variety of colours we have in stock, make finding ideal kraft paper bags that meet your specific requirements easy.

Kraft Paper Gift Bags With Flat Tape Handles

Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Flat Tape Handle
Flat tape handles add a dainty addition to kraft paper gift bags, regardless of the pattern and design on the bag. The large heart gift bag we have in stock is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Weddings or for your loved ones’ birthday, due to the large heart on the side of the bag.

Patisserie And Takeaway Bags

Patisserie/Take Away Bags

This type of bag ideal for the food industry, especially for sandwich shops, takeaway restaurants and cafes, as they come with an extra-large wide bottom base to hold food containers flat. These efficient takeaway bags are fitted with flat taped internal handles, making them easy to carry around. The grease proof interior is ideal for hot, takeaway food, as it won’t run through the bag and ruin anything it touches. There is also the option to add the brand of the company to the side of the bag, which can be used for advertising and marketing.

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