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Green Paper Bags

Bags are not just an item to put your things or cover them up while you are outside shopping or at work, they also reflect your personality and style. For example, green bags might just create a fresh effect on people who see the bag since they relate the colour to nature. Hence it is very important to choose the correct style, quality and colour of your bag. Shopping Bags Direct has a huge range of carrier and gift bags that are cheap and will satisfy all your needs. Colours depend on what you are giving or putting in the bag. Green bags may be ideal for an eco-friendly store or at a plant or grocery store.

All Gloss Laminated Plain Paper Bags in Green Colour

Extra Small Tiny-Green-Paper Bag
Extra Small Tiny Green
Paper Bag Gloss
Type No: 76
Code: PGR89XSG
Wine Bottle Bag-Green-Wine Bottle Bag
Wine Bottle Bag Green
Wine Bottle Bag Gloss
Type No: 58
Code: PGR89WB
Small-Green-Paper Gift Bag
Small Green
Paper Gift Bag Gloss
Type No: 23
Code: PGR89SG
Medium-Green-Paper Bag
Medium Green
Paper Bag Gloss
Type No: 26
Code: PGR89MG

All Kraft Plain Paper Bags in Green Colour

Small-Green-Paper Bag
Small Green
Paper Bag
Type No: 204
Code: TDG715SK
Medium-Dark Green-Kraft Paper Bag
Medium Dark Green
Kraft Paper Bag
Type No: 211
Code: TDG715MK
Large-Dark Green-Kraft Paper Bag
Large Dark Green
Kraft Paper Bag
Type No: 221
Code: TDG715LK
Large-Lime Green-Kraft Paper Bag
Large Lime Green
Kraft Paper Bag
Type No: 222
Code: TLG716LK
Our other products in Green
Medium-Green-Non Woven Bags
Medium Green
Non Woven Bags
Type No: 905
Code: NGR89MD
-Light Green with Blue/Bronze Sequins-Ladies Handbags
 Light Green with Blue/Bronze Sequins
Ladies Handbags Inner Satin Lining
Type No: 717
Code: LHB17SM
Large Green
Tissue None
Type No: 413
Code: TIS013GR
Large-Lime Green-Tissue
Large Lime Green
Tissue None
Type No: 414
Code: TIS014LG
-Apple Green-Shredded Kraft Paper
 Apple Green
Shredded Kraft Paper
Type No: MP107
Code: SP1610MP
Small-Green-Satchel Paper Bags
Small Green
Satchel Paper Bags
Type No: MP102
Large-Green-Satchel Paper Bags
Large Green
Satchel Paper Bags
Type No: MP98
Large-Lime Green-Cotton Bags
Large Lime Green
Cotton Bags
Type No: MP22
Code: CB6535
Large-Green-Cotton Bags
Large Green
Cotton Bags
Type No: MP30
Code: CB6548
Large-Lime Green Handle-Jute Bags
Large Lime Green Handle
Jute Bags
Type No: MP42
Code: JB6927
Large-Dark Green Handle-Jute Bags
Large Dark Green Handle
Jute Bags
Type No: MP45
Code: JB0000G

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