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We Shoppingbagsdirect are the sole trading company.  With the rapid change in environments and societies, continued globalisation towards a borderless world, vanishing barriers between industries due to liberalisation, and the arrival of new revolutionary changes within the highly integrated information technology. In these circumstances, Shoppingbagsdirect duly recognise that we must respond quickly to the changing need of our customers, create value with the development of new business procedure and fulfill the mission of providing customers with satisfying products and services. We will expand our business scopes. Now is the time we Shoppingbagsdirect aim to become a new kind of trading company.
* We would like to be a comprehensive enterprise that contributes to a rich and comfortable global society.
* We would like to promote our existence and mutual prosperity for people, communities and the earth.
* We will strive to operate open and fair business activities, which are rapidly supported by people around the globe.
* We will contribute to the society as good corporate citizens.
* We will strive to demonstrate creativity and provide added value.
* We will strive to respect humanity, and motivating environments.
* We must promote our own way of the future and proceed boldly to achieve the reforms, which will act as a guide for our vision.

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