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Overprint/Screenprint & Hot Foil stamping is available on our Plain Stock Bags

Please go through the page below,click the bag you like and follow the online instructions.

Custom printed gift bags are a must for all businesses nowadays. If you want to enhance your brand image, you need to use custom designed bags, no matter whether you are giving out gift bags at a promotional event or you need shopping bags for when customers buy from your store.

The advantages of custom printed shopping bags and gift bags are there for all to see; you will strengthen your brand identity and you'll attract more customers in the process too. However, you will only reap these benefits with a good design. It is vital to go for something that is striking and uncomplicated. If you include too many features on your paper bags, then you won't give off a clear message, and you will struggle to gather the attention the bags are supposed to generate. This is why a lot of companies simply get their business's logo or name printed on the bag, which is undoubtedly a good approach to go for. It is straight to the point, and everyone that sees the bag will see your business's name and this will stay in their mind. Aside from this, when considering the design you should look for ways to entice customers to visit your store. For example, if you are currently running a sale at present, you should think about having 'sale' printed on the bag, as people will see this and they will be more likely to come to your shop and take advantage of the discounts you have running. The use of colours is important too, as the text will need to stand out against the background.

The only other thing you need to do is find a good supplier of custom printed gift bags. Luckily, you don't need to look far, as Shopping Bags Direct Ltd have a huge assortment for you to choose from. They offer fantastic discounts on bulk purchases too. Shop now -

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